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Bridge over a River

From Mountain Trails to Ocean Waves

Our Family's Journey to a More Sustainable Future

We're not just an online store, we're a passionate family driven by the beauty of the earth, from its snow-capped peaks to its sparkling coasts. For generations, we've explored every corner of the West, hiking, riding, exploring and soaking in the West's wild wonders.

But in recent years, we've noticed something. Our beloved oceans, rivers, and mountains aren't as pristine as we remembered. Plastic waste litters beaches, trails, and forests, a stark reminder of an environmental challenge that demands our attention.

As a family with children and grandchildren growing up, we knew we had to act. In a world filled with distractions and endless schedules, we believe connecting with nature is crucial for our personal well-being and the planet's future.

That's why we started this eco-friendly store. We offer sustainable products to empower you to reduce your environmental footprint and reconnect with the outdoors. We handpick each item to make living a sustainable future as effortless as possible and impact our earth in tiny little ways.

Join us on this mission! Together, we can:

  • Protect the ecosystems we love: By choosing sustainable alternatives, we minimize plastic waste and pollution, leaving a cleaner planet for future generations.

  • Rekindle the joy of outdoor exploration: With less time spent worrying about waste, we can focus on creating lasting memories in nature with our loved ones.

  • Lead by example and inspire others: Every small step makes a difference and encourages others to do the same.

More than just an online store, we're a family of passionate changemakers. Browse our sustainable products, find eco-living tips, and join us in creating a brighter future, one picnic at a time.

Let’s Work Together to Help our Earth

Reach out about one of our products, or get in touch so we can start to have a positive impact on the earth, together.

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